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our vision -
responding to god's love

At Lifeworks Uniting Church, everything we do is in response to God's love, through making that love known in the church, the community and the world.

At Lifeworks we believe that Jesus Christ was sent to us in order that we may know and receive God's love, mercy and forgiveness, which we call grace.

We believe that Jesus calls us to love God and to love people, and to work with him in growing his people, the church. 

We embrace Jesus' vision for building a different kind of community - one that is full of grace, love, faith and hope, a community in which everyone may find their place, and live a life filled to the brim.

our values

At Lifeworks we have seven core values which shape our culture:

transformative worship

persistent prayer

radical hospitality

generous giving

intentional learning

outward mission

focus on justice

About the Uniting Church


The Uniting Church in Australia (The UCA) came into existence in 1977 as a union between the Congregational Union of Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and sees itself as part of the Reformed and Evangelical traditions.


The founding document of the UCA is called The Basis of Union, which outlines the theology of the church in a concise, yet deep and rich expression. 

The UCA organises itself at the local level in congregations, and at the regional level in presbyteries. Lifeworks Uniting Church is part of the Presbytery of the Downs.


At the state level, the UCA is represented by a Synod, and Lifeworks Uniting Church is part of the Queensland Synod.


At the national level the UCA is represented by the Assembly.

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