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Rev Adam Tipple - Minister of the Word












I became a Christian in 2007, so I know what it is like to come to faith as an adult.


Back then, I had many questions (I still do!). The good news is that through the support of a loving church (the church is people), I was able to grow in faith, hope and love, and much to my surprise, God had plans for me to encourage others as a minister of the Church.


I am passionate about connecting people with God through Jesus Christ, and in walking alongside people at different stages of their faith journey. I know how hard it can be to take the plunge and attend a service for the first time, so I am committed to a vision of church which sees and treats the first-time visitor as the ‘honoured guest’ that they are.

I live in Toowoomba with my wife Jane (pictured) and our three children.

Welcome to Lifeworks!

Rev Tanya Richards - Community Chaplain

I’m excited to be living in Toowoomba.


Lifeworks Uniting Church and Uniting Care QLD have come together to create this new role here in Toowoomba. As a Connect 100+ Community Minister Leader, I have the privilege of working with several churches across Toowoomba and with UnitingCare, to create new connections between church and community and to explore the love of God in action as he works in our community.


Chaplaincy has always been a big part of my life, working as a Uniting Church Chaplain in public hospitals for over 13 years. Community Chaplaincy is a new kind of chaplaincy, although I’m looking forward to meeting new people as we share in life together as community supporting one another.


Looking forward to meeting you.

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